A Survival Guide to Chemistry 
Highschool & University Level Preparation


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  A Survival Guide to Chemistry 

About Us.

Who are we?

We are an educational institute that provides tutoring and preparatory courses to high school and university students. 

Mission: Our mission is to produce students that can solve novel problems with a high success rate. We seek to accomplish this by using an inquiry based teaching method. The format of our lectures will be a traditional lecture style where students are guided throughout the learning process by instructor prompted questions that lead them to come up with the correct answers. At the end of the course we hope our students are able to identify and choose the right tools and strategies to solve the problem at hand. 

Advantages of Our Services:

1. Gain access to advice and experiences from university students in various programs.

2. Develop and hone the skills you need to help you solve your way out of any problem!

3. Have convenient timing and affordability on your side to fit into your busy schedule.

Who is teaching?

My name is Asma Youssouf and I graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelors in Chemistry with Thesis. Over the course of my undergaduate degree, I worked in the Chemical Control Centre and I also  conducted research for two years under the supervision of Canada Research Chair Dr. Loeb. Upon graduating I was honored to receive the ACS Distinguished Undergraduate Student Award in Chemistry. More recently, I have worked closely with undergraduate students as a TA, and I understand and sympathize with the challenges that students face. Throughout my university career, I was able to acquire a wealth of information both concerning academics but more importantly, the strategy to get the grades that I desired. I want to pass on the lessons that I learned the HARD WAY on to you guys! 


 Asma Youssouf BSc. Chemistry with Thesis

 Email any further questions you may have to  chemessentials@gmail.com or call (519) 990-8438.